Join Sky1 for Quiz Nights

Do you know what continent Rhianna’s from?  Are you willing to take a punt on what the best British Film ever is? Where you might find an f-hole? Do you know what Gymnophobia is? Or name all four members of the original A-Team? From Nunhead to Newcastle and everywhere in between, 22,000 Pub Quiz’s are held across the UK every week, where all sorts of people get together to play for prizes or their pride.

Quiz Nights is the brand-new entertaining reality series from Firecracker Films, makers of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, airing on Sky 1 from 6th Feb at 10pm.  The series (8x60min) follows a cross- section of  Pub Quiz teams from across the country deliberating, squabbling, and laughing as they search for right and wrong answers. Following each team in a different Pub across the country, this fly on the wall production observes teams answering identical brain-bending questions at the same time to win the much coveted Golden Tankard, and be crowned the Quiz Nights champion.

Immerse yourself in these quintessentially British, hilarious and heartwarming communities with a healthy splash of competitive spirit – washed down with a pint or a tipple of choice.

Join the teams in episode one,  play along and see who knows what Britain’s most hated food is? or who has been in a relationship with Sinitta and Gwyneth? Will The Chicks from Barnsley crow about victory? Or will ‘We Are Family’ from Newport flex a  genetic ‘pub knowledge’ superiority?  Both teams will be up against The Old Boys from Catford, hoping to demonstrate that in the Pub Quiz world there is no substitute for ‘experience’ and The Quizlamics from Manchester – who knows what state they’ll be in the end of the night?

As the series continues more teams and pubs will be introduced keeping quizzers on their toes.

Participating pubs throughout the series include: The Queens Arms, Birmingham; The Old Nuns Head, London; Peter Kavanagh’s, Liverpool; The Rose & Crown, Chelmsford; Kelly’s Dispensary, Liverpool; Stanley Working Men’s Club, Blackpool; The Royal Blenheim, Oxford and The Lyceum Tavern, Newport.

Participating teams include: The Chicks from Barnsley, We are Family from Newport, The Old Boys from Catford, The Quizlamics from Manchester, Phoenix Knights from Blackpool, Arthur & the Antiques from Highgate, The Oxford CommasRadio Faces from Essex, Quizee Rascals from Birmingham and the Deptford Wives from Nunhead.

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