How do I contact The Pub Hub?

The best way to reach us is via email at, be it suggestions, comments or other things we can help you with.

How do I add a pub?

Simply click on “Submit FREE Listing” in the top menu bar. Once there, you can fill out the details of a pub or bar you want to add to the site, including where it is on the map. Once you’ve done that, you can add anything else you think people will want to know, including: the style of pub or bar, any features (like a pool table, outdoor space, waterside location) and opening times.

Once you have added a pub to the site and entered its details, navigate to its review page to add your thoughts about the pub.

Why isn’t there a mobile app for my phone?

A mobile application is planned but our website already uses a mobile friendly framework that works great on all smartphones and tablet devices.

The details of a pub are wrong

Please pass the details of the updates required to our support team at and we will manually verify the changes with the pub before updating the listing.

Why can’t I find a particular pub?

Try entering some location details such as postcode or town in the search field. If the pub you’re looking for still cannot be found then try searching for them via the pub name and town. If the pub you’re looking for still cannot be found then the chances are its missing, perhaps because it is a new pub.

All entries on The Pub Hub are submitted by the pubs themselves so the information on the site is accurate and the pubs have control to login and update any data at any time.