Let customers see inside your pub before they even turn up!

Google Street View has been offering desk-bound tourists the chance to wander around their favourite cities for several years now, but, since 2011, has also begun to include panoramic virtual tours of the interiors of selected businesses. A few pubs and breweries have already submitted to being photographed and you can too!

A few examples of live pub virtual tours:

1. The Iron Duke

2. The Dove

3. Fuller Smith & Turner PLC

4. The George Inn

If you’ve spotted other interesting pubs or breweries with ‘wanderable’ interiors, let us know in the comments section of this post.

Fancy standing out with your own virtual pub tour? Only £295.00!

When we visit your pub or bar to create your virtual tour we will also take 10 high quality photographs which are listed on your Google places page and then we will also supply them to you to use for any future marketing – not a bad deal at all!

If you are interested in having a virtual tour for your pub simply fill in the form below and we will follow up with you as soon as we can.

Adrian Symonds is a Google Trusted Photographer living in Leamington Spa. He has been involved in Google Business Views since 2012 and has been lucky enough to make hundreds of virtual tours since then in a wide variety of different business sectors. Adrian has teamed up with The Pub Hub to offer his services at a discounted rate.