Pubs in the UK have long been the heart of communities up and down the land. They’ve brought communities together to celebrate the highs and lament the lows that have been a part of everyday life for centuries. One could argue that they are as much a part of Great Britain as Her Majesty the Queen, and form the foundation upon which countless friendships, business ideas and relationships have been build.

As the world changes, competition increases and taxation on beer soars, some pubs are finding it difficult to cope. This doesn’t mean that the entire industry is on the way out, but it does mean that fewer pubs will remain open for business in the coming years, and this can only be a bad thing for communities all across Britain.

Recent changes in legislation, regulating minimum price charged per unit of alcohol, will help to limit the damage caused by supermarkets who, despite providing savings and convenience to consumers, have contributed to the decline in retail businesses and jobs wherever they appear.

It’s also worth mentioning that many pubs with prosper with fewer competitors and pub owners who want a piece of this pie must evolve like most modern businesses today to take advantage of these opportunities.

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